Monday, December 22, 2008

meh main tagged..hehe..

1. how are you?
~alhmdulillah..sihat walafiat arini..hehe..

2. who was the last person you hugged?
~ adikku yg kecik, umo 9 thn..smlm b4 balik jb..

3. look to your left, what do you see?
~ door..melambai2 suh balik..hehe..

4. where do you like to be the most?
~ p bercuti kt pulau..waa, bestnyer..huhu..

5. whats your fave film?
~ horror, comedy..byk kaki wayang..

6. what does the last person you commented on friendster mean to you?
~ kawan2 ms kt uitm..

7. what did you last laugh about?
~ citer antoo fighter..klakar smpi skit perut aku..haha..

8. whats the first thing you look for in a girl/guy?
~ lelaki yg tinggi n not a smoker..i hope i will get 1..huhu..

10. if your still in school, whats your fave lesson?
~ duno la..dh lame klu ade kesempatan, nk blajo math rerajin..hehe..

11. what do you work as / want to work as?
~ onSite NetwoRk EngineeR-tak penah terpk pon jadik org IT..hehe..

12. who never fails to make you laugh?
~ kwn2 yg terlalu ramai, jadik penghibur aku..

14. what are you listening to right now?
- hoT fm..lebey hangat drpd biase..hehe..

16. i bet you miss someone, who?!
- miss him..huhu..sape ek?

17. are you happy with your life right now?
- very happy..=)

18. why did you last get upset?
- when cheated by someone i trusted..huhu..

19. who was the last person you texted?
- kt ym..hihi..

20. who do you live with?
- my moksu n poksu..dh kire mak n ayah angkat aku dah..

21. do you like living with them?
- of cos laa..hehe..

22. whats your mood right now?
- no mood..biase2 nk cuti laik..huhu..

25. what does your profile song mean to you?
- dun worry, be happy..

26. who did you last shout at and why?
- adik aku kot..nakal sgt..huhu..

27. are you normally a happy person?
- yess..

31. do you remember how you was 3 years ago?
~ bergembira kat uitm wif my frens..seronoknyer..

33. if you could be with someone right now, who would it be?
~ my famili n my frens who always support me..hihi.. love them..

34. do you have any blogs on your friendster?
~ no..x rajinla..hehe..

37. if you had one wish, what would you wish for?
~ kembali ke alam kanak2..waa..bestnyer..

38. when was the last time you lied?
~ mane leh bgtau..rahsia..haha...

39.people to tag..
~ ummu, ezzan, jasman n sape2 jela yg sudi..hihi...

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